Variety of Onion Available : Medium size onion of good shelf life and quali

Packaging Type Available : Cartons

Packaging Size Available: 50 kg

Quantity Available: 1 ton

Quality Available: B Grade

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Single lead at Rs.300

Need Onion for resale. REQUIREMENT: 1 Ton to 5 Ton PRICE Range: 10 to 20 rs/ kg

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All About Onion

Onion scientifically known as Allium Cepa belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae and sub family Allioideae. Bulb Onion or common Onion are the common names of Onion and it is the most widely cultivated form of genus Allium.

India is the second largest Onion producing country in the world after China. Indian Onions are available through the year. There are mainly two crop cycles in India--November-January and January-May.

Agrifound Dark Red, Agrifound Light Red, NHRDF Red, Agrifound White, Agrifound…More

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