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Normal Rubber for sale in Unakoti
Normal Rubber for sale in Unakoti
Posting date 01 December 22

Normal Rubber for sale in Unakoti

Price : ₹ 160 /- Kg
Quantity : 200 Kg
Product name: Rubber, Others
Location: Unakoti
Variety: Normal
Selling: once
Unit: Kg
Package Size:
Name: Sukanta ghosh
Business: retailer

Product Description

I have the availability of Normal Rubber for sale in Unakoti. The quantity available is 200 Kg at Rs. 160.00 per Kg. For further discussions, interested genuine buyers, please contact on the given details.

Seller Details
Sukanta ghosh
commodity_map Unakoti, Tripura
commodity_callChat with Seller

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