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New crop arrivals for Urad is going to start very soon and it is expected that prices will come down as soon as new crop arrivals starts and due to bumper sowing. If it rains heavily in next 10-15 days in Indian states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan which are the main Urad growing states where almost Urad sowing has been completed in huge quantity, then it may affect standing crop of Urad.

Price Picture:

  • New crop arrivals in very small quantity has started arriving in some regions of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Urad prices in Maharashtra were near about Rs.11000-11500 per quintal in the third week of April which was Rs.6200-6500 at the end of August and now hovering around Rs.7200-7500.
  • Burmese imported Urad prices were $12000/tonnes in the third week of April which was $7000/tonne at the end of August and now hovering around $7500.

  • Thanks to news of robust Kharif sowing and liberal release of government stocks, retail prices of key Pulses have declined sharply in major markets in recent weeks and could plunge further in coming days.

  • Urad prices in last couple of days has increased from lower level. The surge in prices were attributed to increased demand from millers to meet festival demand however buyers and sellers are cautious at the same time and buying only as per requirements due to huge volatility in prices recently.

  • This is a peak consumption period due to festival season and hence any scarcity may fuel prices, however it is advisable to sell stocks at higher level due to prospects of better Kharif crop and expectations of decrease in demand after October month. 

Urad Harvesting Season:

Harvesting season for Kharif Urad will start from mid September to September end which will be continue till October end. However, it will totally depend upon weather factor prevailing at the time of harvesting.